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It’s not just an in-ground swimming pool that attracts home buyers. A long, well paved asphalt driveway works wonders too. Think of it this way. If you buy a house that has a driveway, you won’t have to risk having your vehicle banged into by drivers who may be speeding down the street that you live on. Regarding benefits of a house driveway, that’s just the start.

Driveways are for more than parking

Whether you’re working with an experienced realtor or house shopping independently, think about the following advantages that a driveway at your new house can bring. The right driveway adds a charming aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home. In addition to asphalt, you could go with a concrete, grass, tile,gravel or shell driveway surface.

Wide driveways fit four vehicles that are parked side-by-side. Long driveways can run from the gate or edge of your property all the way to the side of your house’s front walkway. These paved parking areas don’t have to be straight. Some driveways are winding, others circular. Other reasons why you should look for a house with a driveway include:

  • Pathway to a detached garage – Although older homes may be built with detached garages, some newly constructed houses are built with a garage away from the house. Driveways shorten the walking distance from your vehicle to the garage.
  • Welcoming atmosphere – Guests appreciate having a safe place to park their vehicle when they visit you. An enclosed garage maybe the only parking option that offers more protection that a private driveway.
  • Property divider – Regardless of who lives next door to you, a driveway signals where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins. If your neighbors are contentious, this visual property divider could help prevent legal battles.
  • Children – Instead of playing in your back yard,your children or grandchildren could play an assortment of games on your driveway which could, in turn, extend the life of your lawn.

Safety advantages you can get with a house driveway

Driveways do more than shorten the distance that you have to cover as you make your way from your vehicle to your house. A well paved driveway protects your vehicle from scratches and bumps. Those benefits extend into cost savings, as you won’t have to pay to get the body of your vehicle repaired or repainted.

A house that has a driveway can also alert neighbors, your children and strangers that your home is not vacant. When people see a vehicle in your driveway, it may help to send a message that your school aged children are not alone. Your children can also look for your car and wait for you to climb out as an added assurance that it’s you they hear on the front porch instead of a stranger.

There’s another safety advantage that you can gain with a driveway. You could park an extra vehicle in your driveway when you are away just to help strangers and neighbors think that an adult is at your house. Line your driveway with flowers and the strength of your house’s aesthetic appeal grows.